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The Love Knot

A Social Emotional Learning Book 

Ollie is a playful sea otter who loves playing with his cousins and sleeping with his mom. When the time comes for him to be independent, Ollie struggles with the feelings which begin to affect his day.

Ollie’s family supports his journey to understand his feelings, and he learns that they are normal and sometimes, a part of growing up. But when his anxiety becomes too much for him to handle, he relies on his family to coach him through some coping strategies. After experimenting, Ollie learns that the magic of his mom’s love knot is all he needs to feel better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take you to write a book?

A: I am constantly writing my ideas in a journal. Sometimes I jot quick notes, while other times, I record detailed ideas which often end up being a rough draft to a new story. I wrote The Love Knot fairly quickly. I was inspired by an otter reel, and once the ideas started, I kept writing. I reworked the story until I had it just right - one that I was proud to share with readers. 

Q: Do you base your characters on real people?

A:  Being in education for over 25 years, has allowed me to meet many wonderful people. I am sure that from all my experiences, some of my memories will be weaved into my stories. So far, I have included my daughters, Alexia and Julia, and my nephew, Tyler, in Story Swapping A Family Tradition. It was wonderful to see how Frances brought them to life in the book. 

Q: Do you hear from your readers?

A: I will often get an email or an Instagram post from a family who has enjoyed one of my stories. My most memorable email to date is from a teacher who shared how much her class adored one of my books. We corresponded back and forth so much that her class and I ended up becoming pen pals. It was a huge compliment that a class of primary students wanted to share their feedback and their family traditions with me.

Q: What is your favourite working space?


  • My backyard patio.

  • My office.

  • Anywhere I can write in my journal.

Q: What will your next book be about?

A: I keep a journal with me always. Whenever I see or hear something that piques my interest, I write it down. I often look through my notes and build upon an idea that I think will capture the attention of young readers. My next book will most likely be an idea that I expanded on from one of those entries.

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