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The Love Knot Audiobook

Ollie is a playful sea otter who loves playing with his cousins and sleeping with his mom. When the time comes for him to be independent, Ollie struggles with the feelings which begin to affect his day. Ollie’s family supports his journey to understand his feelings, and he learns that they are normal and sometimes, a part of growing up. But when his anxiety becomes too much for him to handle, he relies on his family to coach him through some coping strategies. After experimenting, Ollie learns that the magic of his mom’s love knot is all he needs to feel better.



The Love Knot - Colouring Pages

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The Love Knot - Fun Otter Facts Cards

Collect all ten!

Story Swapping Series - Colouring Pages

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Book One

Book Two


Luna the Little Witch
 the Colours of Friendship

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