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Every person dreams of someday. My someday is a list of the adventures I'd like to explore when I retire. One item on my list - write a children's book. My full dream includes me sitting in my sunroom, looking out over the water while writing a story. Every great dream has to start somewhere.

This past Spring, sitting out in the sun became a haven for me after suffering my second concussion. Drawing, while sitting on my deck, got me outside and in the sun, and out of my head. I soon added some text to my pictures. It was at that moment that I remembered the writing that I did, after my first concussion. I had shared my writing dream with my therapy team and they encouraged me to write.

I dug out the notebook that I used. A few of the ideas made me laugh...they were not good at all. And then, there was one. My imagination took hold of that one idea, and I began to write...again. I started my someday and didn't even realize it. I created characters, a setting, and a plot for a children's picture book. The ideas flowed and it was wonderful to think and write continuously again. I felt like me.

It's never been a better time to be a writer --or aspire to become one.

Writing is a process. I kept reworking my ideas. When I was happy with my writing, I built the courage to share it with friends. Their honest feedback guided me into story arc revisions. When I completed the last draft, I decided to share my manuscript with an editor.

Getting from the manuscript to the final copy, took a bit of work. I chose to collaborate with an editor who performs comprehensive edits and am so glad that I did. I learned so much! My writing improved. My confidence returned. I felt happy and proud of myself.

My biggest takeaway - write from the heart. They are my words and ideas, and no one must like them, but me. This thinking inspired me. I began writing more. My first book baby was born. I felt happier and had more energy to do things. I truly feel that writing saved me. It was my therapy. The perfect medicine.

That’s how my someday dream started. Never give up - today could be the day that you have been waiting for!

Happy Dreaming!



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