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#8 Homeward Bound

It is bright and early on Saturday, March 17th. My adventure in Italy has come to an end. After a very early start to the day and a few mishaps along the way, I am on my Lufthansa flight home with a transfer through Frankfurt. I am super excited to be going home to see my daughters. I have never been away from them this long, and I miss them immensely.

It was nice to see a bunch of familiar faces on the flight from Bologna to Frankfurt. The conversations made the time fly by.

We are now heading from Frankfurt to Toronto together. This plane is quite large and our group is scattered throughout which may be a blessing in disguise…less talking means more sleep for all of us. I had trouble sleeping on the plane on the way over, so I am hoping to sleep this time. I am exhausted and have already started doing head bobs.

I will need to rest, as my life back home will start as soon as my feet hit the ground. The list is endless … groceries, laundry, tidying up, picking up my truck from the dealership, and getting ready for the work week. Sound familiar? Before this week ends, Italy will seem like a lifetime ago!

As I write this post, my brain is flooded with so many wonderful memories of the past week. I am thinking of all the new learning that I am bringing back and how excited I am at the thought of embedding it in my work as a Curriculum Consultant. I am also thinking about where I will store all of the new resources that I have purchased.☺ Michaels, here I come!! I love the variety of baskets that they have. I hope to find some unique ones that will store and display all of my resources. I have a coupon, so that eases my mind a bit, about how much more money I will spend!

I look forward to having you join me on my next adventure, as we inspire others, play with new ideas and educate the world around us.

Happy Reading!



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