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The Power of a Name

Growing up with a unique name in the '80s was hard. Teachers mispronounced it. Children made a rhyme out of it. I never felt that my name had value–until I learned its significance.

The Value of My Name

My mom knew how much my name bothered me. I always complained about how lucky my older sisters were to have been given more common names. As my 16th birthday approached, my mom permitted me to legally change my name. The only catch was that I needed to hear the story behind my name. If I still wanted to change it after that, she would take me to the government office and start the paperwork.

I learned that my parents had chosen to name me after one of my father's siblings, who died after accidentally stepping on a land mind. After our conversation, I sat silently and started to reflect on everything I had just heard.

My perception was altered and I was now proud of having a unique name. I started helping others with the proper pronunciation. I did not pay attention to the name-calling. I wore my name with pride. Instead of begrudging my sisters for having simple names, I felt special, as our parents chose to give me the gift of my name.

Why Kreative Explorations?

I wanted to start a blog when I was working as a Curriculum Consultant. I enjoyed working with new and experienced teachers. They asked such relevant and meaningful questions. I soon realized that creating a blog would help reach a greater audience.

But life had other plans for me, so I did not end up creating a blog at that time. I did, however, think of the name for my future blog. My colleagues supported my idea by throwing out names for me to consider. But me being me, I wanted something different–something that would catch people’s attention or be a conversation starter. Something unique like my name, I thought. Having a unique name became part of who I was. I grew to understand the significance it can have in life. As a result, I wanted my blog’s name to represent who I am and the brand that I create. Thus, Kreative Explorations was born.

Kreative Explorations Today

My friends were choosing ideas that were simple, and not representative of me. I wanted a name that would encompass my values and ethics, and Kreative Explorations does just that.

Kreative Explorations expresses the welcoming of curiosity and imagination, and an allowance to be free and inquisitive… and make dreams come true. What fits more perfectly than that for me? It’s open-ended and allows me to be my authentic self. I can share my goals, my fears, and my wins. I can tell tales of me being in a school, juggling the management and leadership pieces, and all the while, marketing my new book series and managing a busy home life.

I invite you to join me on this bumpy ride… After all, when life gives you lemons, you need to make pink lemonade. Read to see how I turn some of the sourest lemons I’ve been given, into the sweetest pink lemonade one could have.

Happy Reading!



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