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My Kreative Philosophy

The words inspire, play, and educate are embedded in my teaching philosophy. I am now applying them to my life, as I experiment with finding a happy work/life balance and explore the world of self-publishing.


Inspire to be better by being an active listener, and a better leader. Learn to inspire trust within yourself and your students for risks to be taken. People who are open to new ideas can then model, connect and involve themselves in the learning. They become researchers who have a desire to engage in reciprocal learning. As Oprah said, "The only courage anybody ever needs is the courage to follow your dreams."


Play is how young children learn. It is their right. Play allows children to feel good about themselves. It is fun and it helps them express their creativity and imagination in hundreds of ways. Play allows children to make sense of the world. It provides opportunities for turn-taking and sharing and helps children develop concentration skills that will help them be successful in life.


Educate yourself and those around you – your students, children, colleagues, and community. You need to be responsive to yourself; in other words, recognize yourself as a learner. Find things that you are passionate about and those topics will then resonate with you,

and slowly trickle into your teaching and your life. Be open to new points of view so that you can learn, teach, and then lead.

I encourage you to consider the impact these words have on your life and career.

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