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Once upon a story...

Hi! I'm Vassi. I juggle a busy professional career, while raising two teenage daughters. If that wasn't chaotic enough, I added becoming a self-publishing author to my already lengthy 'to do' list. I love reading and crave quiet, which are both hard to achieve in my day of running a busy elementary school and living with teenage girls. I hope that by sharing my lived experiences you will find an idea to inspire, play or educate, the child within yourself or for the children in your life. Thank for joining me on this journey!

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When life gives you lemons,

make pink lemonade!

New Picture Book

Kalianne loves the bedtime stories her mom tells. She yearns to share a story of her own, but is convinced that nothing exciting ever happens to her.

It takes a little nudge from her teacher for Kalianne to realize that everyone has a story to tell!

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Book Review

"WOW! This book reminded me of all the wonderful stories my mom told me growing up. I easily identified with the characters in the book, as they stirred up pleasantly familiar memories of my childhood. The story is well written and will keep you on the edge of your seat to the very end. I'm reminded that even the simplest day can evolve into an exciting adventure that you can't wait to share with the ones you love. This book is a must-read!"

- Ave Leath

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