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Multitasking Mom,

Author, Educator & Blogger

Balancing a professional career, raising teenagers, and a Maltipoo, while embracing the wild ride of life... this is my happy adventure.


Once upon a story...

Hi! I'm Vassi. I juggle a busy professional career, while raising two teenage daughters. If that wasn't chaotic enough, I added becoming a self-publishing author to my already lengthy 'to do' list. I love reading and crave quiet, which are both hard to achieve in my day of running a busy elementary school and living with teenage girls. I hope that by sharing my lived experiences you will find an idea to inspire, play or educate, the child within yourself or for the children in your life. Thank for joining me on this journey!

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When life gives you lemons,

make pink lemonade!

Book One

Luna is determined to master a color-changing spell, guided by her aunt’s advice of ‘patience and practice.’ When she meets Leo, a magical lizard with a talent for color magic, they work together to create a successful spell. Through Leo’s support, Luna gains confidence in her abilities as a witch and discovers the true magic of friendship. The story beautifully showcases perseverance, self-belief, and the joy of embracing one’s true potential.

New Picture Book Series


Book Review

"Luna The Little Witch is a whimsical journey blending magic, friendship, and the ageless wisdom of 'Practice and Patience.' Luna's quest to become a true witch is brimming with delightful moments, guided by her new found friend, Leo. The story builds anticipation, keeping readers intrigued about Luna's ultimate spell. With its charming storytelling, this book is a great read, a bit like escaping to a magical place under the moon. It's definitely a perfect enchantment for young readers."

- Kresja Maiyn Rosario

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This blog is a stepping stone to encourage readers to inspire and educate themselves, their colleagues, their children, and/or their students.

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